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meet the team

Back in 2008 Charlotte, a former 'wannabe actress and host with the most' took over a UV tanning studio, kicked the solarium's to the kerb (literally) and created the very first concept salon of its type in Australia.

“I was a regular consumer of spray tans and while I loved the confidence I felt with a spray tan, a lot of my

experiences were very hit and miss. I knew I could do it better. I had a passion for customer service and helping people feel good about themselves -  plus I needed a job that would give me flexibility as a first time mum.” CW.


A decade on, thousands of spray tans and just as many loyal customers later, The Spraytan Salon now offers two convenient locations operated by a team of beautiful, kindhearted and fully trained technicians who share the same passion for providing a service that helps people fell good about themselves. 

“Oh, you girls are so good!” Insert clients name

“Seriously, I have never had a tan applied like that before, you’re so thorough and my colour is perfect.” Insert clients name

“Oh my goodness I feel amazing, like a whole new person!” Insert clients name